By: Kassi Green &nd Abbie Ayres;

                    This is the super giant slalom skiing symbol for 2010. (:


The Basics;

Super Giant Slalom Skiing, is usually referred to as “Super G” Skiing. It is a form of alpine skiing; it is basically combining downhill and giant slalom skiing together. It involves skiing between widely spaced gates like in Giant Slalom, but with fewer turns over a longer course, and with higher speeds as you go downhill. The minimum number of gates is 55-75 for men, and 40-60 for women. Super G skiers will often assume the Tuck position like in Downhill, but will continue turning constantly like in Giant Slalom. The equipment they use is minimum ski lengths which are 205cm for men, 200cm for women. A minimum turning radius of 33m is applied. They use ‘Glide wax’ or ‘Grip wax’ to put on their skis. The equipment used is Skis, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, and racing suits. And it’s also highly required to wear a helmet, because in super g slalom there is a high number of head injuries. The scoring is based off of, how many gates you go around, how fast you go, and how soon you finish.


This year the 2010 winteer olympics is taking place in vancouver. For everyone that is competing in any form of Alpine Skiing it is taking place in Richmond, at the Whistler Host Mountain Resort.


Samuel Bode Miller, was born October 12th, 1977. In 2008 he won his second world cup title in four years; after also winning the title in 2005. 

Men Record Holder;

One of the record holders is three-time world cup champion, Phil Mahre. He was born on may 10th, 1957. He is a retired alpine skiier, He was one of the best American alpine skiiers of all time. He has a total of 27 World Cup race wins is second amoung american skiers, behind only Bode Miller. 

Women Record Holders;

Lindsey Vonn was born October 18th, 1984. He is an alpine skier on the U.S. Ski Team. She was the first american woman to win the back-to-back overall world cup champions in 2008 and 2009.